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SWOT Analysis

The purpose of this background paper is to look at how expected changes in the future external framework conditions will affect the transport and logistics companies after the building of the Fehmarn tunnel. This paper takes its origin in the elements of the SWOT analysis without being a theoretical exercise though. The paper will summarize the present internal situation of the transport and logistics sector from a regional perspective and even from a cluster perspective in the STRING region (City of Hamburg, Ost Holstein, Region of Zealand, Capital Region of Denmark and the Region of Scania). The present situation will describe the strengths and weaknesses of the sector in the paper.

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The Green STRING Corridor and transport development

This report is part of the project, Green STRING Transport Corridor. This is the first of two reports from Roskilde University, CBIT department. The purpose of this report is to analyze the conditions for European logistics and transport in the STRING region. The next report will deal with employment, turnover and clustering in the STRING corridors five regional parts. The aim of the report is to identify the transport related issues in connection with the establishment of a green transport corridor, as a consequence of the construction of the fixed link below the Fehmarn Belt.

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